WelCOME TO Straighthorse.dk

Welcome to Straighthorse.dk 

Straight Horse was established in 2008, when we purchased the old estate Gl. Allerødgaard located north of Copenhagen. 

We breed dressage horses within the Danish Warmblood Society. We focus on very strong marelines with the intention of breeding modern typed offspring with a high rideability and expressive gaits and the necessary talent for being educated to GP level. We aim for our horse to be sold to top dressage riders and to participate in both young horse and high level competitions. We use stallions from both the Danish Warmblood association and from leading European breeding associations. 

The base of our breeding is 2 dam lines, whom through generations have delivered breeding and sports horses of the very best quality:

  • Bøgegården Don Romina, elite and gold medal mare in Danish Warmblood and bred at Stutteri Boegegaarden as the 5thgeneration from the mare Joy. Boegegaardens Don Romina is by Blue Horse Don Schufro/Lionell/Castor. 
  • Romanik, elite and bronze medal mare in Danish Warmblood, where the dam line is from the well know stud of Sigrid and Jørgen P. Clausens damline from the mare Hella from 1955.

The two mares are not in the sport; however, they are the base of our breeding. Today the options for keeping the mares in sport as well as breeding by embryo has meant that we now consistently test the talent of all our offspring, both mares and stallions. Some offspring are sold as foals, but we would like the horses to be tested in the young horse competitions as 4-6 y/o, and to have the opportunity to breed one or more offspring from the mares. 

Colts are tested in the Danish Warmblood Stallion performance test. 


We hope you find our webpage interesting! If you have any questions or feel like a chat you are more than welcome to contact us at mop@straighthorse.dk or call +45 2753 5051 (Mogens) or +45 2030 4082 (Eva)